The Femme Fatale Spectacular is a dazzling cabaret song & dance tribute to the iconic female performers of the last 60 years in true Vegas style. The show is a series of vignettes that captures the essence and career defining moments of each artist being celebrated. Featuring Australia’s most exciting new talent, Adelaide Clark and the Country’s premier female dance group ClassySexyFunky, the show is dynamic, powerful and exhilarating. Exquisite costumes, sexy, stylish dance routines and the greatest female songs that shaped a generation 

With live vocals, take this unforgettable journey with Australia’s newest cabaret enchantress, Adelaide Clark and the multi award-winning female dance group CSF as they present the Vegas Femme Fatale Spectacular 

The show is a celebration of iconic female artists and unforgettable female performances including Beyoncé, Judy Garland, a scene from Chicago, a scene from Moulin Rouge, Whitney Houston, Ladies of the 80s, a tribute to Vegas Showgirls and Lady Gaga.

The Femme Fatale Show is available as a minimum five piece act feature presentation for an approximate showtime of 25 minutes. Show variations and performance numbers can be negotiated. CSF Dance Group also produce a range of shows which include male and female performers. Enquire now about the many themes and dance shows available.